Cloud Computing and Blockchain Technologies

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Cloud Computing and Blockchain Technologies

Cloud Computing and Blockchain Technologies: Their Future Use to Support International Trade and Supply Chain Finance

A combination of Cloud and Blockchain will potentially transform the current paper-based trade finance approach for the processing and management of trade transactions into a more inclusive digital and efficient platform.

Cloud computing and Blockchain Technology also have the potential to expand the intermediation of a bank’s involvement in open account transactions.

Banks are taking a great interest in Blockchain Technology as a potential way of unblocking complex processes that involve different third party touch points.

A technology provider that fails to develop its approach to Cloud computing and to the Blockchain developments mentioned in this paper may find that existing clients move away from them at time of renewal and that they are disqualified from RFIs as Cloud- and Blockchain- based solutions become critical selection criteria.

This whitepaper on Cloud computing and Blockchain Technology Covers:

  • Transactional banking-The way forward the trade

  • Network Data-Flow –Cloud-based Blockchain Technology Trading.

  • How new technology is forcing disruption in the transaction banking sector

  • Why adoption of Cloud computing by a financial organization will represent a major change to its existing technology management, resource and policies.


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