FJA-US, Inc.: Don’t Develop on the Past, Build for the Future

CIO VendorDr. Carl-Arndt Krapp, CIO
When it comes to the current healthcare landscape one constant is change. “More wired, consumer-oriented and innovative than ever before, the healthcare industry is undergoing a profound transformation. Health insurance is ever-changing due to healthcare reform combined with a consumer who expects anytime/ anywhere service,” says Dr. Carl-Arndt Krapp, CIO, FJA-US. “Our clients are facing change from both regulatory mandates as well as consumer demand. They are having to change their entire business model to remain competitive. Voluntary products are increasingly becoming more desirable,” he adds. This new direction calls for us to enable our clients to bundle and cross-sell their products across many channels and sometimes multiple brands. As the CIO of FJA-US, Inc. Dr. Krapp is determined to continue providing the necessary tools for their client’s unique situations.

Being in the insurance market for more than three decades, FJA offers services that help companies achieve operational and distributional efficiency. “With the onset of healthcare reform, ACOs and pricing transparency, insurance is now offered across many different channels, from direct-toconsumer websites to the retail giants, and that has been a tremendous shift for the insurance carriers. Insurance organizations need to change the way they function to increase their revenue, and that is what FJA plays a big role,” says Dr. Krapp.

The main component of the Unified Product Platform is FJA’s flagship solution, the Product Machine which literally transforms an organization by integrating with all systems necessary for the process of modeling, developing, deploying, and distributing products. The Product Machine is the key ingredient that takes all necessary product data from all areas of the enterprise and ensures that it flows seamlessly into every downstream system for the ultimate in both operational and distributional efficiency and distribution. “It stores everything from benefit inventory as reusable elements and coverage limits to marketing and legal language, from underwriting and pricing to policy validation and issuance,” states Dr. Krapp.
The Product Machine allows organizations to configure, and deliver new and existing products quickly and easily, thereby improving operational efficiency, reducing operating costs, and leveraging multiple distribution channels. “The Product Machine makes sure that data flows from one end to the other while having essential proprietary product solutions that help insurance carriers,” he adds.

Another more strategic service of FJA is giving organizations the ability to succeed in the evolving risk adjustment environments, including Medicare, Medicaid and the Health Exchanges. For instance, a leading insurance company was operating on software that worked according to a predefined set of risk attributes and parameters while calculating the premiums. The existing model embedded in their software had a disadvantage that prevented them from accessing numbers and performing calculation. Our client was looking for a solution that would allow them to centralize the calculation aspect. After implementing FJA’s solution, the company was able to achieve increased sales in the form of total premium collected.

The Product Machine makes sure that data flows from one end to the other while having essential proprietary product solutions that help insurance carriers

Moving forward, FJA will continue to innovate its product offering. The company also plans to expand its geographical footprint. “We intend to continue providing expertise and insights to help organizations prepare and stay ahead of the curve,” concludes Dr. Krapp.

FJA-US, Inc.

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Dr. Carl-Arndt Krapp, CIO

FJA-US, Inc. enables insurance carriers to shorten the time as well as reduce the cost of bringing products to market.