DocPath: A Step Ahead in the Document Output Management Landscape

Julio Olivares, CEO & Founder
“It has been observed that in the current banking arena, bankers rely on obsolete document management software with limited accessibility options to manage their massive amount of confidential information,” says Julio Olivares, DocPath CEO and Founder. Today, bankers are on a constant lookout for new and improved platforms to manage information, facilitate rapid transactions, and achieve higher ROI, using their economic resources wisely. Whether it’s for streamlining core processes or meeting organization-specific requirements, advanced data management not only enhances the efficiency and security, but optimizes workflow productivity. Headquartered in Suwanee, GA, DocPath is offering banks modern and state-of-the-art document management technologies to improve their customer relationships, broaden the client base and further develop their business. “Our technology is far-reaching, flexible, easy to integrate, and highly cost-competitive, allowing clients to re-engineer and re-design their business documents,” extols Olivares. “At DocPath, we are well aware that modifying any application involves a huge amount of expenditure in matters related to programming, regular testing, regression testing, and more.”

Olivares’ penchant for simple, clever, and ingenious mechanisms and devices is reflected in the “soul” of each and every DocPath product. The firm’s lean organizational structure—including their highly skilled team of engineers—develops clever and advanced solutions, which help users design, generate and distribute super-quality documents. DocPath’s OutputDynamics solution, developed to reach an untapped market, enables users to process large volumes of documents. “With our OutputDynamics solution, we are making advanced print processing software, initially affordable only by large companies and now accessible to medium-size print shops,” says Olivares. This solution allows banks and financial organizations to design, generate, distribute, and manage their document requirements.

In the current competitive market, financial institutions rely on complex and detailed spreadsheets for reporting and various other purposes.“Our ExcelDynamics solution makes this process a lot simpler,” notes Olivares. ExcelDynamics helps users build highly complex and powerful reports in spreadsheet format, including embedded tables and charts, for customers that have important portfolios and deserve personalized, state-of-the-art financial reports.

With our OutputDynamics solution, we are making advanced print processing software, initially affordable only by large companies and now accessible to medium-size print shops

“To stay competitive, a company must be alert and respond to the requests and needs of existing customers. This is exactly what we do,” exclaims Olivares. DocPath has the ability to keep a constant and fluent relationship with both existing and new customers. “With our software solutions, some of our US banking customers could reduce their amount of required servers from 60 or more to 1, whereas others implemented a centralized document generation mechanism.” In an instance, a US bank needed to replace their aging document software product. They were running a server farm of more than 60 servers just to provide documents to their network. Leveraging our solution, the client could convert all its forms from the old technology to DocPath’s. “We helped the client to obtain more efficient document processes, resulting in better customer services, a dramatic overhead cost reduction, and, of course, huge savings,” says Olivares.

Offering this interesting migration path to their customers, DocPath, in 2016, is planning to deliver toner saving capabilities as well as a new product to replace the aging document distribution software. “With the goal to offer our customers powerful and flexible solutions, we aim to innovate and expand our product portfolio to meet the needs of the rapidly evolving markets and increasingly demanding clientele. We are always at the forefront to initiate a step ahead in document software,” concludes Olivares.


Suwanee, GA

Julio Olivares, CEO & Founder

Provider of advanced document management software