Axxiome: Transforming Banks into Customer-Centric, Future-Ready, Digital Enterprises

Dominik Weisserth, Partner, North American Region
In an industry that is marked by demanding customers, intense competition, and a deluge of technological shifts, banks are on the race to stay ahead of the curve. As broadly as need be, digital transformation allows them to be more customer-centric and flexible in their value proposition. Having arrived early in the scene, Axxiome is a name synonymous with quality and value for financial services organizations that are looking to improve or build upon their IT operations. Bringing its 30 years of experience in financial services and technology to the table, “Axxiome is helping banks achieve digital transformation through a portfolio of innovative products and services designed for superior business performance,” begins Dominik Weisserth, Partner at Axxiome North America.

Hot on technology’s heels, Axxiome Digital is the company’s flagship product that gathers all the stakeholders of the bank—customers, employees, and partners—onboard. The easily deployable, digitization platform, Axxiome Digital, imparts intuitive customer experiences across diverse banking channels—online banking, mobile banking, branch, customer service, and devices—smartphones, tablet, computers, and ATMs. “Our banking customers can have a flexible system in initiating a transaction on their preferred channel or device, and complete the transaction exactly from where they left it off on a different channel or device,” explains Weisserth.

Axxiome Digital’s API-driven architecture and process orchestration capabilities with a large set of pre-configured and industry-standard banking processes are ready-to-use, can be further configured and even exposed as services. Axxiome Digital, as a platform, can be integrated with any and all back-end systems, customer-facing channels, peripheral devices and third-party systems, allowing banks to not only rapidly modernize their overall technology landscape, but also transform into a nimble, future-ready, digital enterprise.

“At Axxiome, we have noticed patterns in the industry wherein digital transformation initiatives undertaken by financial institutions become inadvertently complicated, often causing long and expensive implementation cycles,” opines Weisserth. To that end, the componentized model of Axxiome Digital allows financial institutions to simplify digital transformation, target specific problem areas, and adopt short bursts of value-based implementation for reduced risk and immediate results.

We are doing enhancements in our product line space with integration into analytics, secure video identification and integration into AI

Pronouncing a much broader coverage is the company’s Axxiome Banking, a suite that combines the power of Axxiome Digital along with more functional modules and is designed for end-to-end transformation of financial institutions. The company’s collaboration with open source technology and integration with third-party solutions adds additional value to its customers. “We always strive to provide the best solution for the client even if it is not our product,” asserts Weisserth.

With proficiency in blending finance and technology, Axxiome is reducing time, complexity, and standardizing the interface for product management and operations. For instance, Axxiome partnered with a European banking giant struggling with process inefficiencies in the branch and decreasing product sales. Axxiome’s solution combined a comprehensive teller and cash solution and a pre-defined functional module for product sales. Together, these solutions provided a unified interface to all operations of a branch teller, 360-degree customer views, integrations with bank’s back-end systems and peripheral devices, guides workflows and standardized processes, which collectively lowered operational risk, removed manual operations, and reduced the time for the sale of products.

Having reaped phenomenal success through many such customer testimonials, Axxiome has plans to focus more on the current market scenario that has a lot of potential for innovation. “We channel continuous investment strategies into enhancing our product line with integration options for analytics, and artificial intelligence,” says Weisserth. With a vision and strong belief in making digitization possible for banks of any size, the company aims to be more competitive in the ongoing digital banking era.


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Dominik Weisserth, Partner, North American Region

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