Docutech: Accelerating Digital Lending

Amy Brandt, President & COO
Every facet of the financial industry is embracing the transformation to digital, and loan processing is no different.

“CIOs and CTOs for financial services companies, and lenders in particular, are seeking to optimize processes and reduce costs, while complying with regulatory guidance and ultimately growing their business by delighting their customers. Consumers expect to be able to conduct their financial transactions at any time of day on their phone, tablet, or computer,” explains Amy Brandt, President and COO of Docutech. “For the lending industry, whether it is a mortgage, HELOC or auto or student loan, information and technology leaders are increasingly focused on facilitating loan documents in a real-time, streamlined, and paperless environment.”

Ty Jenkins founded Docutech in 1991 with a passion for simplifying the document process for the financial services industry. Today, the software company offers a range of document technology solutions and services for mortgage, home equity, and consumer lending from document generation to eDelivery, eSign, print fulfillment, and more.

As an enterprise lending solutions provider, Docutech provides the solutions that help CIOs and CTOs solve for efficiency, compliance, implementation, customer experience, as well as LOS implementation and integration changes. The company emphasizes building a long-term relationship that lenders can trust across the enterprise, beyond point specific vendors.

Docutech’s flagship product, ConformXTM, is a state-of-the-art web-based dynamic document generation engine that generates and delivers more than two million transactions per month. Instead of a static library of forms, ConformX enables institutions to create dynamic, data-driven documents that meet specific criteria.

In addition, Docutech recently introduced SolexTM, a mobile-capable eSignature solution developed for the digital lending age. The platform enables borrowers to sign loan documents from their smartphones, tablets, and computers using a friendly and intuitive interface, while also giving lenders an auditable platform with the industry’s most trusted eVault.

At Docutech, we are developing the tools that help lenders meet their customers where they are, to quickly and efficiently deliver loan documents and close on new business in a digital environment

Solex is integrated with Docutech’s ConformX platform providing lenders with a comprehensive solution where they can seamlessly manage all document-related needs, from generation to delivery, and signatures.

The platform also includes two-factor authentication for additional security, client-defined branding, and single sign-on integration with financial institution lending portals for borrower convenience.

Docutech also provides a full suite of digital transaction services, including document generation and eDelivery technologies. These services help lenders shorten their loan processing time, automate processes, and provide borrowers with flexibility and convenience in reviewing and signing their documents.

Finally, to support the compliance demands of lending, a team of attorneys and legal experts work with investors and key regulatory agencies to maintain the most accurate updates to changing regulations and investor requirements.

“Financial institutions need digital lending tools that work across multiple platforms—web and mobile,” Brandt explained. “At Docutech, we are developing the tools that help lenders meet their customers where they are, to quickly and efficiently deliver loan documents and close on new business in a digital environment.”


Idaho Falls, ID

Amy Brandt, President & COO and Ty Jenkins, Founder & CEO

Docutech is accelerating Digital Lending by delivering compliant, dynamic, and secure documents and technologies for mortgage, home equity, and consumer lending