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Josh Liang, VP of Marketing
In the banking industry, the ever-increasing regulatory compliances management has doubly evolved from a ‘requirement’ into a ‘high-priority standard.’ Regulatory authorities like the NASD, the SEC, and the SOX mandate the retention of all forms of electronic communication, in a secure yet easily accessible way. Having found the perfect common ground between these two mutually exclusive variables— security and accessibility—is a company called MessageSolution. With a vision that supports seamless compliance management and eDiscovery process, MessageSolution’s advanced information archiving and eDiscovery platforms deliver compliance archiving, legal discovery, and storage management for financial and banking customers.

Bringing its 12 years of expertise in compliance, litigation support, and multiple case management capabilities to the table, MessageSolution’s highly secure data storage capabilities eliminate the compliance adherence burden off its customers. “We provide secure and –granular retention policies based on departments, divisions, and individuals while keeping customers strongly focused on compliance and internal auditing,” says Josh Liang, VP of marketing for MessageSolution. He explains that the data explosion that follows storage and retention of confidential information has encouraged both SME as well as enterprise-sized banks to make the move to the cloud. Being the only vendor in the archiving space that caters to all data center deployment models—be it public, private, service provider platform or hybrid cloud—MessageSolution offers data management services for on-premise implementation, cloud archival, as well as migrate from legacy archiving and eDiscovery systems. They support hosting for applications that third-party financial service providers like FIS Global offer to their clients. MessageSolution boasts of a strong partnership with FIS Global in helping their global banking clients comply with overwhelming regulations such as FRCP (Federal Rules of Civil Procedure) and international banking laws in the U.S., and the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe in 2018.

For larger organizations, MessageSolution’s eDiscovery case management capabilities enable multiple resource allocation, helping enterprise banking organizations to work with multiple legal cases at the same time on a team collaboration platform.

We provide secure and granular retention policies based on departments, divisions, and individuals

When an organization is managing various cases, compliances, and audits on a data center with tens of thousands of users, scalability is the key to lower costs and improved perfor mance. Designed to handle such extensive types of unstructured data, MessageSolution’s solution has helped a UK-based banking titan come out of its legacy relational database model to manage unstructured data. With over 50,000 employees using the relational database, the migration threatened to disrupt the operations, causing immense performance conflicts for the organization. However, with MessageSolution in the picture, a system that was architecturally scalable was created. Where the client previously needed up to dozens of servers to manage indexing, storage, SQL servers, and running applications, MessageSolution was able to provide all the services in a clustered platform—using three archive hardware servers. MessageSolution also reduced the client’s operational costs by five times and created more efficient and scalable databases for data center operations that can manage up to 50,000 user accounts in their data centers.

As a technology leader in enterprise archiving, eDiscovery, data management, and data migration for more than a decade, MessageSolution has developed comprehensive archiving capabilities for SharePoint data, file systems, and medical image archiving as well. The firm has also launched an archiving platform for logging surveillance videos as most banking and security companies are looking for a cost-effective alternative for such vast data archival with the additional searchability features. As financial industries continually share safety and privacy concerns, MessageSolution also offers image archiving for storing confidential data and images. Furthermore, Liang also plans to disclose newer innovations regarding smartphone and data archival and management launched at the recent Microsoft Inspire Convention at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington, D.C this month.


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Josh Liang, VP of Marketing

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