HiveIO Inc.: Secure Data, Streamline Operations, and Transform Application Delivery

Dan Newton, CEO
Setting up a data center to effectively deploy applications to end users can be challenging; the sheer amount of complexity, time, and cost involved are barriers for many organizations. In the banking space, it is not just about cost; it is also about security. Building a private cloud is a challenge for banks, due to oversight, and the CapEx and OpEx requirements needed throughout the entire lifecycle.

“Legacy Data Centers require a buildout time of three to six months using expensive engineering and architecture resources. Additionally, customers face significant hardware and licensing costs,” says Kevin McNamara, Founder, and CTO of HiveIO.

HiveIO provides customers with a simplified software-defined infrastructure solution that is cost-effective, yet powerful, for data centers. “Hive Fabric natively includes next generation Software Defined Storage in a single zero-layer architecture,” says Dan Newton, CEO. Hive Fabric is an all-in-one software-defined datacenter that is easy to deploy and manage.

Installable on x86 commodity-level white box servers, it allows customers to quickly and efficiently build private clouds at significantly lower costs. “HiveIO—installed onto bare metal commodity transforms an average white box server into high-performance computers.” This enables clients to deploy anything from VDI to VSI, on top of existing infrastructure. This gives organizations the option to extend the life of existing infrastructure dramatically. Rather than doing a full rip and replace of legacy infrastructure, servers can simply be replaced as and when needed, node by node. Rather than asking your CFO for significant capital outlay to refresh servers that are out of maintenance, you are able to reduce your CapEx and simply maintain a small inventory of servers for replacement when the out of warranty ones fail. Customers no longer have to worry about running production applications on servers that are out of maintenance and support agreements. When they break, you simply replace them with a new node from inventory.

With Hive Fabric, organizations can present applications to end users in a matter of days, which drastically reduces IT department impact and costs. Customers can either use green-field white boxes or existing X86 infrastructure.
Kevin McNamara, Founder & CTO
Everything is included on the first install, that means there is no need to get several servers going before you experience the simplicity and flexibility. Hive Fabric. includes key features such as multi-tenancy, complete storage acceleration (diskless, local storage, shared storage and hotplug user volumes), and an all-inclusive KVM Hypervisor (can host any disk backing VMware, Citrix, Virtualbox, and Open Standard). Cloud and Storage growth can be accomplished by adding more white boxes to the data center and then connecting them to the Hive Cluster on the fly.

“Our customers go from having multiple teams with specific expertise such as Citrix, VMware, storage, and networking, to having a single team of administrators that utilize Hive Fabric™’s intuitive interface through Hive APIs that are ML/AI ready. Consequently, system administrators can securely access Hive Fabric and delegate the infrastructure hardware quickly and easily,” says Newton. The biggest winners are organizations with large footprints, where, technology refreshes are often in the region of millions of dollars. However, with Hive Fabric, instead of refreshing infrastructure, organizations can replace commodity servers as and when they fail, saving them millions. HiveIO also eliminates the need for expensive experts to maintain the infrastructure.

Hive is going head-to-head with large legacy vendors and incumbent storage HCI vendors that are locking-in customers with expensive maintenance and support renewals. Have Fabric is providing customers with an alternative to vendor lock-in and millions of dollars in renewal invoices. The fact that the solution runs on any standard X86 commodity hardware makes this disruptive product very compelling. Hive is future-ready as it is well positioned in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) space. The stack allows for real-time information, inventory, and telemetry—all important for ML. “We are actively working on projects that will propel Hive into the next generation of ML and AI,” concludes McNamara.

HiveIO Inc.

Hoboken, NJ

Dan Newton, CEO and Kevin McNamara, Founder & CTO

Provides customers with a simplified infrastructure solution that is cost effective for datacenters

HiveIO Inc.