NET(net): Delivering Optimized Technology-Spend Strategies

Steven C. Zolman, Chairman & Chief Services Architect
Be it enhancing customer service, increasing workflow efficiency, maintaining an edge on the market competition, or even ensuring security and compliance, technology plays a crucial role in all. Given the pace at which business solutions are evolving, enterprises have no choice but to invest more in their digital transformation initiatives; future-proofing is no one-time investment. Companies in industries such as financial services are particularly technology dependent and are charged hefty premiums by technology suppliers as they generally lack relevant market information or suffer from assumptions that are often incorrect, outdated, and based on market averages with their peers, who also suffer from the same symptoms: Frequently, such information is provided by the suppliers themselves. This is where the services of Michigan-based, NET(net) can be extremely helpful; by enabling companies to optimize their strategic technology spend; helping them achieve upwards of 33 percent cost savings on average with suppliers such as Microsoft, Oracle, SAP,, IBM, and hundreds of others.

For most banks, the idea of downtime or critical system failures is not an option. Therefore, the focus for their respective IT teams is to ensure highly reliable computing environments, with 100% uptime. In most cases, technology suppliers have established above-market pricing for financial institutions, and as a result of this, organizations can sometimes struggle to implement their digital transformation objectives, as they spend more budget patching backend systems together amidst rising acquisition and consumption costs.

”NET(net) uses its proprietary Federated Market Intelligence (FMI) gathered from more than 25,000 field engagements over the last 15 years, spanning almost every geography and every industry. Based on our FMI, we give clients a full picture and wider perspective of exactly what they should pay based on their near-term and future needs,” says Steven C. Zolman, the company’s Chairman and Chief Services Architect. NET(net) has developed a technology-enabled business process, in its Vested Management Option (VMO) which provides companies with ongoing strategic supplier performance management, and can help them minimize costs and risks, and maximize the realization of value and benefit in their technology supply chain.

We help clients find, get, and keep value in their IT supply chain, by bringing a wider perspective of market information, and by providing them with the services they need to capture and retain this value for the long term

With the VMO managed services program, NET(net) takes a holistic view and approach to the technology spend of its clients to benchmark costs, collaborate on options, present findings and recommendations, and execute strategies to cost and value optimize. In addition to the dramatic savings achieved, NET(net)’s associated program fees are taken from the savings generated from the VMO program results, resulting in a net zero cost and a shared net benefit.

The success story of a large global bank based in Latin America exemplifies NET(net)’s unique value proposition. After less than 2 years under a VMO program, the client has saved over half a billion dollars in its legacy technology supply chain, and reinvested much of the savings to accelerate its digital transformation initiatives, vaulting its market leadership position.

Having had an impressive track record over the years and a prominent clientele across various industry verticals and geographies, NET(net) foresees disproportionate growth in emerging markets including Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, and continued growth in North America, Western Europe, and Russia, and is just now starting to see interest pick up in Eastern Europe. Alongside the banking and financial services industry, NET(net) also partners with some of the world’s largest private equity firms as its preferred category expert for creating cost savings and strategic benefits in the technology supply chain, and will continue to cater to the unique and demanding needs of this vertical for long into the future.


Holland, MI

Steven C. Zolman, Chairman & Chief Services Architect

Enables companies to scrutinize and optimize their strategic technology spend and implement digital transformation initiatives cost-effectively