Top 20 Banking Technology Companies - 2017

Top 20 Banking Technology Companies - 2017

As the year unfurls, it heralds a shedload of new bearings for the banking space. Standard technologies like artificial intelligence and robotic process automation are revived through convergence with new voice commerce models, IoT data, and robo-advisers to offer a more personalized and digitized banking experience for the end consumers. A relevant example is the Chatbot which, by unifying personalized attention and automation, is effecting the disruption of traditional customer service in the financial industry. Forward-thinking banks are already making headway toward ‘conversational commerce’—the trend of interfacing businesses through voice technology—by leveraging Chatbots.

Into the bargain, platformification is the new argot taking the banking sector by a storm. Open API will emerge as a trendsetter—provisioning open, unified, multi-channel integration—whereby it will empower banks to steer collaboration across all channels and partners. Through a mix of fresh and existing processes on API platforms, banks are on the move to kick off next-generation services that are crucial for drawing and retaining customers. In the same line, financial institutions are gravitating toward Blockchain experimentation— harnessing the technology in customer-oriented business processes—with a vision to procure a competitive edge on top of pricing benefits. Companies striving to mount higher in the banking value chain look for the best solution providers.

The market today abounds in a bevy of banking technology solution providers armed with state-of-the-art technologies that can help companies gain proactive ideas to tackle financial challenges. A distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts, and CIOReview’s editorial board has reviewed the top banking technology solution providers and shortlisted the ones that are at the vanguard fulfilling the urgent demands of the industry.

We present to you CIOReview’s 20 Most Promising Banking Technology Solution Providers 2017.

Company Name

Company Description

Axxiome Delivering solutions to the financial services industry, driving business and technology change through proven global expertise
Docutech Docutech is accelerating Digital Lending by delivering compliant, dynamic, and secure documents and technologies for mortgage, home equity, and consumer lending
Echoworx Provides an email encryption solution that adapts to a variety of communication environments and delivery methods
eCustoms Provides visual compliance solutions that automate screening of watch lists for financial services companies to ensure compliance with global practices like FPCA
FIS [NYSE:FIS] Provides software, services, and outsourcing of technology to empower the financial world
Fiserv Supports asset liability management, risk assessment and management and other financial operations
HID Global A robust portfolio of identity management solutions allowing rich as well as safe banking experience
Jack Henry & Associates [NASDAQ:JKHY] Delivers solutions to banks and credit unions nationwide through three business units; Jack Henry Banking, ProfitStars, and Symitar
MessageSolution Offers industry leading information archiving and eDiscovery solutions for on-premise, Cloud, and MSP/ISP-hosted multi-tenant environments
Misys Provides a unique modular, open architecture to enable customers to innovate, connect, and expand their existing banking services
nCino Provides Bank Operating System, which allows financial institutions to deliver speed and digital experiences, backed by quality and transparency that bankers need
OpenRisk Technologies Derivatives risk management software that extracts data to create smart contracts and automatically aligns them to market events
Payveris Provides payment technologies to give financial institutions the control, flexibility, and consistency of a modern digital payments experience
Pelican Embedding artificial intelligence into the banking industry to provide practical and real-time solutions
Reval Provider of a scalable cloud platform for treasury and risk management, to help banks better manage cash and liquidity
Risk Focus An unrivaled track record of delivery for several banks' specialist solution needs
SmartStream Technologies Provides volume insensitive, instrument agnostic STP solutions that deliver control to the transaction lifecycle
TEKchand Delivers a single, integrated platform for ATM operations, marketing, and UX
Temenos [SWX:TEMN] Provides superior features for corporate banks, supporting profitability, customer acquisition, and retention
VASCO Data Security [NASDAQ:VDSI] Provides banking solutions to enhance current security measures and seamlessly integrate with existing IT systems