Appian: Modernizing Critical Business Processes for Better Customer Experience

Ben Farrell, Director of Corporate Communications
Today’s market conditions are volatile, and regulations are continually emerging. Fiscal restraint and risk reduction are of the highest importance. Customer demand for service excellence is higher and with the rise in complexity in insurance, it’s arduous for companies to stay relevant. Mobile and social technologies are changing customer expectations for efficiency, accessibility and service and cloud delivery is upending the traditional IT model. Meeting these new challenges requires modern business processes and innovative business applications so anyone, anywhere can gain the information they need to take the right business action on any device. A ray of hope for the Insurance sector is Reston, VA based Appian which provides a BPM-based Application Platform to overcome these obstacles and thrive in today’s challenging environment.

“Process improvement is the key to customer retention, customer loyalty, and new business growth in the insurance industry,” says Ben Farrell, Director of Corporate Communications, Appian. The company optimizes the core processes that create competitive advantage for insurance companies, while delivering new and innovative capabilities across the organization and to agents and customers through native mobility and an intuitive social collaboration interface.

Appian’s application platform is a modern alternative to traditional custom application development, radically accelerating application delivery by replacing complex coding with a visual drag-and-drop composition environment. The apps are easier to use, maintain, and easier to change. Custom apps are used across all core areas of an insurance organization as this becomes a part of the firm’s uniqueness. The Appian platform seamlessly integrates work automation with data management, native mobility and social collaboration capabilities, delivering everything in one environment, on any device. Customer experience is a major agenda item for Appian, and it delivers it by helping clients modernize critical business processes, create new market opportunities, and gain competitive advantage. Appian arms service agents with the right information and allows them to take action on the data to resolve policyholder issues anywhere and in real time.
Appian also increases underwriter efficiency and allows effective collaboration with policyholders to further reduce risk and increase premium margins.

New Account Opening is another area of expertise for Appian. The firm helps get new policies on the books faster by facilitating back-office integrations of legacy systems with incoming multichannel data. The company accelerates New Product Introduction, helping insurance companies more rapidly create innovative financial products that support changing customer needs. Appian enables insurance companies to accelerate their product development lifecycle and provides the configuration of new products to suit current and future regulatory requirements. The company focuses on Claims Management to improve an insurer’s ability to comply with multiple regulations and also secure personal information maintaining customers’ privacy.

These innovative features have made Appian a preferred vendor. The company has extended its services to many notable clients. One example is Crawford & Company, the largest claims management outsourcer in the world. Crawford used the Appian platform to build Crawford Desktop + Mobile, a revolutionary set of business applications that streamlines all of Crawford’s catastrophe-related resource management, from the assignment of insurance adjusters to the management of claims and final claim resolution. The Appian platform has accelerated Crawford’s claims uptake operations by as much as 80 percent and has also provided an acceleration of 70 percent in invoicing speed over its paperbased bill review process.

Working with a purpose of driving IT innovation, Appian makes innovation easily-consumable by the customer organizations. Appian operates in a mode of constant agile development and releases major platform enhancements on a quarterly basis, and incremental enhancements even more frequently. Appian future-proofs an insurance company’s IT infrastructure across all data, all processes, and all platforms and this serves as the key to long-term competitive value for the insurance customers.


Reston, VA

Ben Farrell, Director of Corporate Communications

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