Gemalto: Ensuring Seamless and Secure Transition to EMV

Bertrand Knopf, SVP of Secure Transactions in North America
The invention of smart cards—widely used in SIM cards and payment cards today—revolutionized the finance, telecommunications and security industries spurring the inception of companies like Gemalto. Since then, Gemalto, the leader in digital security, has been providing technologies that help banks deliver convenient and secure card and mobile payment services. Be it EMV (the global payment security standard) contact or contactless banking cards, personalization services, mobile payment or eBanking solutions, Gemalto is an established player in the global security market.

Drawing on its global presence and EMV expertise, Gemalto’s extensive experience in EMV deployments and issuance of over three billion EMV cards are creating new opportunities for the Company as the U.S. migrates to EMV technology. “We are one of the major payment technology solution providers in the U.S. especially with the current EMV migration,” says Bertrand Knopf, Senior Vice President of Secure Transactions for North America at Gemalto. With the U.S. market making the move from traditional magnetic stripe to the more secure EMV technology, Gemalto’s strategic position is in the country is growing. “For financial institutions, Gemalto makes the transition to EMV chip technology seamless,” emphasizes Knopf.

When a large financial institution needed to strengthen the security of its payment means, Gemalto provided an end-to-end solution, from consulting to EMV card issuance. Besides using outdated magnetic stripe cards, the institution was also acquiring cards from vendors and performing all the personalization in house. “They were concerned about the security of their payment infrastructure,” reveals Knopf. Gemalto quickly delivered the personalized, EMV chip cards that enable secure payments, global acceptance and future compatibility with new technologies. Gemalto also assisted the financial institution in outsourcing their personalization operation to create a more streamlined and on-time issuance.

Gemalto makes the transition to EMV technology seamless and easy

The company also caters to the dynamic U.S. mobile payments industry where major players across industries are all playing a role. “We are the technology backbone for several leading mobile payments deployments in the US and internationally,” states Knopf. Gemalto’s mobile technology is providing secure connections across all industries and their consumers protecting the exchange of sensitive information against fraudulent attacks.

Whenever a company wants to migrate to stronger authentication, secure card or mobile technology or launch a new value-added product, “we can help them in a comprehensive manner at every step of the process,” states Knopf. Gemalto offers a wide range of digital solutions and services that equip banks with the most advanced technology for convenient and secure card and mobile based transactions. “Companies working with Gemalto benefit from product and service deployments that are seamless and delivered on time,” notes Knopf.

With the rapidly changing digital landscape, Gemalto’s technology is designed to enhance the way consumers pay, bank, and conduct transactions. Gemalto makes it easier and faster for banks to deploy card and mobile payment services that are convenient and secure. Gemalto also provides banks with technology to protect them at the core and at the edge against the growing number of cyber attacks. As the need for digital security increases across every point of the payment experience, Gemalto is committed to delivering the secure technology consumers and banks demand.


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Bertrand Knopf, SVP of Secure Transactions in North America

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