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Stewart Christ, Head of Financial Services
With the evolution and sophistication of information technology banks are now facing regulatory demands that include Federal Reserve, Sarbanes-Oxley, FAIC, and CCAR—all of which impact their credit research and risk measurement systems. This has contributed to the growing requirement for solutions that demand expertise in cross functional areas such finance, risk, and treasury. Additionally, banking companies are also experiencing a dire need for tools that incorporate unique competencies in domains including compliance infrastructure management, regulatory compliance mandates, governance models, mapping of regulations, and the associated data management, architecture, and analytics. “We support the CIOs in banking domains who are looking to launch endeavors in areas of risk and regulatory compliance by delivering both the required functional and domain expertise,” says Stewart Christ, Head of Financial Services, Miratech Group. Miratech’s solutions and strategies evolve from the knowledge, skill, and resources that are designed by the company’s team of experts having deep acumen in technology and sector-specific know-how.

This way, the firm provides the CIOs with the customer-centric focus and the prowess of a large consulting company. Miratech’s innovative solutions for banks and other financial institutions are comprised of time-tested and high quality services that are designed to meet their unique business operations, especially in areas such as risk, compliance, analytics, cyber security, and mobility.

With the rise of new IT trends, CIOs are often driven to simultaneously execute parallel critical transformation initiatives within short timeframes and on limited budgets. Miratech’s Managed Competence Center (MCC) enables these much needed transitions, taking into account that client’s enterprise size, geography, IT landscape, culture, and business domain. The essence of the MCC is in supplying the competencies needed by customers through the most effective delivery model for each business case, and a framework to design dedicated service solutions for each banking firm. The company sets up the right administrative framework for service deployment, delivery, and acceptance—applying an extensive scope of delivery models from out-staffing to fixed-price projects and SLAs.

Miratech’s innovative solutions for banks and other financial institutions are comprised of time-tested and high quality services

“We conduct client assessments, using our MCC to implement transformational solutions with long-term benefits to support the customers’ changing client base,” states Mr. Christ. It is essential to emphasize that the MCC serves as a client resource; it is a differentiator, and a strategic asset for their business.

Miratech has demonstrated world-class expertise in building and operating high performing technology teams. “In order to accomplish this we constantly innovate in the areas of team formation, team composition, talent allocation, as well as optimize team governance and operations to maximize productivity and promote longevity,” explains Mr. Christ. The company’s long standing relationship with Genesys stands as tangible proof of its expertise and solution functionality. The company worked seamlessly with our client in developing solutions to enhance their customer’s experience and contact center solutions easier. Also, Miratech helped Genesys grow to more than $850 million in revenue by developing program applications, deploying products, and working with their end-users. Miratech’s cost-efficient MCC enables Genesys to transfer responsibility for selecting and recruiting the best talent, and project delivery, enabling them to offload employee risk and swiftly implement staffing en-hancements.

Miratech is committed to widening our reach within the North American market, and further expand globally. “We will continue to move up the value chain with our clients, assisting them in the development and implementation of strategic transformation initiatives,” concludes Mr. Christ.


Washington, DC

Stewart Christ, Head of Financial Services

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