Echoworx: Method-Agnostic Encryption Delivery

Michael Ginsberg, CEO
Encryption until very recently was considered as a niche market with an inconsequential prospect to emerge as a global industry. There was a time when small and medium-sized data security service providers around the world started using homegrown cryptographic systems to encrypt emails and secure vulnerable information. As more solution providers surfaced with varied styles of cryptographic systems, the data security space began to clutter, causing incongruity in encryption delivery formats and user interfaces even within the same organization. Comprehending this predicament early, and looking to break siloed cryptographic systems, Echoworx developed OneWorld, a method-agnostic email encryption platform designed to decipher the unique encryption requirements of a company and offer an appropriate solution.

What sets OneWorld apart from its peers in the market, is its flexible delivery approach for policy-based encryption. The platform can automatically utilize up to six push encryption methods (TLS, PGP, S/MIME, Encrypted PDF, and Encrypted ZIP) or web portal pull encryption method based on the sensitivity of the content. OneWorld allows administrators to effortlessly define and facilitate email policies to reduce the risk of data loss. “We don’t believe in maintaining a particular style of encryption, and our flexible platform intelligently deciphers the requirements of the clients and molds itself to suit their specific needs,” says Mike Ginsberg, CEO of Echoworx. The firm has penetrated deep into the dynamics of the software to build a platform that is agnostic to any particular style or delivery method.

Ginsberg explains how a top global banking institution found it cumbersome to support multiple data security service platforms to achieve different encryption delivery methods in their enterprise. The diversity of UIs and UXs coming from the various providers also brought inconsistency to the overall standard of the financial institution. More so, the legacy solutions were capable of encrypting only an approximate 1.5 million messages a month. After implementing Echoworx’s OneWorld, the bank instantaneously stepped up their delivery to 100,000 encryptions in less than an hour.

Our flexible platform intelligently deciphers the requirements of the clients and molds itself to suit the specific needs

Echoworx’s global presence also helped the banking institution to provide the solution in 22 different languages to suit their customers’ specific needs.

When it comes to data protection, however, the tenets go far beyond just providing a software solution; an organization has to ensure that the software complies with the data protection laws or the privacy legislation system of the country it is operating under. To ensure protection from territorial leakage of sensitive information, such as financial statements, credit card data, or personal information, Echoworx has set up multiple data centers in various geographic locations worldwide. “When we started working for a bank in Mexico, the client made it clear that none of their data should leave the periphery of the country, and hence we had to establish a data center in that location,” states Ginsberg. Likewise, Echoworx has two data centers in Canada, one each in the U.S. and UK, and two facilities in Dublin. The firm’s SaaS solution can easily migrate databases to another data center, making it possible to setup in any geographic location in a very short deadline. With the help of Echoworx’s global cloud solutions, one of the world’s largest insurers was able to start its operation in a new country overnight.

Echoworx has plans to add authentication services, such as biometric scanning, face and voice recognition, etc. to its suite of offerings in the future. Apart from product expansion, the firm has sights to expand geographically to Asia within 12 months. Echoworx has already established substantial grounds for encryption in the banking and healthcare industries and intends to broaden its horizon to include the airline industry in the years to come.


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Michael Ginsberg, CEO

Provides an email encryption solution that adapts to a variety of communication environments and delivery methods