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George Wright, CEO As a pioneer in the CRM and enterprise software markets, George Wright endows Smart Communications with 25 years of invaluable leadership experience in the high-tech software industry. Wright’s vision and focus have been vital in steering Smart Communications into becoming a major contributor of next-generation cloud-enabled customer and business solutions. Smart Communications empowers insurance companies and other highly complex industries to move beyond traditional enterprise communications using modern architecture and cloud capabilities. “We are the most advanced customer communications management solution in the market, bringing conversations—a key operational aspect of insurers’ systems—to the cloud,” states the CEO.

Powering the CCM Era

Under the leadership of Wright, Smart Communications has garnered a reputation for exceeding client expectations and setting new standards in the field of Customer Communications Management (CCM). Wright believes that the biggest challenge insurance companies face today is, effectively communicating with the new as well as previous generation customers at a time of increasing scale of communications. “As different people need the same information delivered in different ways, enterprises are struggling to meet the preferences of diverse customer segments.” In order to better understand buyers, the need to be fluent in conversations is becoming ever important. To that end, Smart Communications enables insurance companies to scale millions of conversations through its cloud-based CCM solutions, developed for multi-channel communications over various digital mediums. With the ability to support real-time communications, Smart Communications meets the high volume requirements of the industry. Further, Smart Communications empowers insurance businesses to become more efficient internally, compliant with regulators, and relevant to customers—all while reducing IT costs. “Following our fundamental principle of ‘single template, multiple communications,’ we provide capabilities that truly give insurance providers ultimate control over conversations,” he adds.
Keeping Up with the ‘Cloud Bandwagon’

With a focus on building the best solution for insurers to provide them with the ability to scale conversations across every type of communication customers seek, “Our Smart Communications solutions are well designed to address the issues of technology modernization and cloud-enabled operations for insurers,” Wright emphasizes. The company’s CCM solutions empower insurers to design accurate and personalized customer communications for end users through the channel of their preference—email, SMS, or traditional print-based communication—the list goes on and on. “All our key capabilities for the design and maintenance of communications templates, like Template Editor and Draft Editor, give business users and customer service representatives the control to tailor and personalize communications across a growing range of channels and devices that reflect the way their consumers prefer to receive information,” explains Wright. Insurers can deliver one-time, on-demand communications and interactive scenarios as well as generate large batch communications for peak processing needs.

We provide capabilities that truly give insurance providers ultimate control over conversations

Smart Communications delivers a fully cloud-enabled solution, end to end. “We are not a business that has decided to call itself a cloud business because it has taken some legacy software and placed it into a third-party cloud environment,” cites Wright. Through various client engagements, Wright identified that insurance companies were on different paths of utilizing cloud solutions. “We have considerably increased our focus on ensuring deployment flexibility, offering solutions through a full multi-tenant SaaS model or a hybrid cloud deployment model.” This flexibility enables customers to access Smart Communication’s market-leading functionality, regardless of where they stand in their CCM path. Wright goes on to say, “As the only true cloud enterprise solution in the market today, we give insurance businesses reduced time to market for new products and services, and lower TCO for customer communications.”

For instance, with Smart Communications, an insurer can make a single, audited and approved change to a communication template within minutes.
This was previously a tedious task implemented on legacy or on-premises systems. Smart Communications facilitates those changes through a tool that provides clients numerous ways to communicate with their customers. This simplicity has allowed Smart Communications to serve many of the largest and most forward-thinking insurers in the industry today.

CCM—The Cynosure

Smart Communications has partnered with Guidewire, a software provider for Property and Casualty (P&C) insurers, to develop accelerators for fast-to-deploy policy assembly, billing, and interactive claims correspondence integration. Insurance customers such as Prudential, Pekin Insurance, SafeAuto, Zurich, Allianz, NLC, and Westfield Group enjoy the benefits of the various interfaces by integrating Smart Communications with Guidewire’s Insurance Suite. Smart Communications has worked on over 50 projects focused on the transformation of core systems in the P&C sector. “We are continuing down this innovation pathway in the latest release of our software, where we provide communications testing and troubleshooting of email designs as well as responsive communications design and approvals,” elucidates Wright.

Unlike other big box software providers that offer legacy document generation systems, Smart Communications is solely focused on CCM. “With the recent backing from equity firm Accel-KKR, we have the financial strength to invest even more deeply in the latest CCM innovations and technologies,” explains Wright. The company recently launched an updated version of its CCM solution which, according to Wright, enables organizations to double-down on their commitment to driving meaningful, customized customer conversations that deliver real value. “In an industry where other legacy providers boast about release cycles every 18 months, we are proud to be doing major product releases twice each year.”

The new update features tools for higher-quality marketing and servicing emails via enhancements to the Template Editor and production-mode previews that further reduce the development time for new customer communications. These improvements help insurers deploy Smart Communications solutions with ease across their business and assist partners in quickly providing a scalable, enterprise correspondence capability fully integrated into their core platform offering. With a proven track record of delivering significant revenue growth, Wright emphatically states: “We will continue to bring new technology advancements, particularly in mobile and wearables, that will break new ground in customer communications.”

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