TEKchand: Comprehensive ATM Marketing and Management

Rajeev Bahri, Partner & Managing Director
While on a safari in a remote part of Africa in the late 1990’s, Rajeev Bahri realized the “mobile device” potential of the ATM. While the ATM is not mobile with you, it is always available when you are mobile. The time was ripe for bringing about a game-changing experience for banks. Pooling his experience in banking and product development, the entrepreneur laid the foundation for TEKchand in 2000 with the goal to deliver ATM solutions that enhance the customer experience and engagement at the ATM channel, thereby advancing the touchpoint for marketing and sales—what Bahri likes to call—enhanced functionalities.

TEKchand enables banks to unleash the marketing potential of ATM machines as part of their multi-channel strategy. The company helps banks execute and manage content marketing on ATM screens and receipts, keep marketing messages relevant and fresh, personalize the ATM experience with cardholder preferences, deliver ATM electronic receipts, and link the ATM channel to digital banking.

For TEKchand, it has been a story of perseverance as much as innovation. “We entered an industry dynamics where innovation goes to die,” says Bahri. But innovators do not quit. “The rivalry between ATM vendors was strong, as was their bargaining power and closed and isolationist mindset. Though ATM technologies evolved, ATM vendors continued to sell complex and vendor-specific ATM applications that were closed to vendor-agnostic third-party server-side interface for even the basic ATM management functions,” Bahri continues. The losers in all this have been the banks with multi-vendor ATM portfolios due to industry consolidation and M&As.

First off, TEKchand started with supporting ATM operations functions such as software distribution, remote device control, and electronic journal management along with its ATM marketing and personalization products.

“It is not that we solve a problem, it is how we solve the problem,” states Bahri. TEKchand solutions work across all ATM types via a single server-side platform; the web-based user interfaces are simplified and vendor differences normalized; the admin roles are segregated for self-management of complexity between ATM operations and marketing functions; automated recurring functions to eliminate human error and the expensive certification cycles.
“We are the only independent vendor-agnostic, multi-tenant, and multi-admin server-side solution provider in the ATM software industry with such a comprehensive range of products,” states Bahri.

“We are more excited about the next three years in our growth cycle than in all of the past 15 years,” states Bahri.

This excitement is due to TEKchand’s new switch software interface partnerships, global distribution relationships, but primarily because of TEKchand’s cross-channel product strategy and roadmap.

We are the only independent vendor-agnostic, multi-tenant, and multi-admin server-side solution provider in the ATM software industry

TEKchand has developed a solution that helps ensure seamless customer experience across digital channels, and move the customer engagement for marketing from the ATM to the Mobile channel. TEKchand’s ATM2Mobile™ platform allows banks and credit unions to incorporate the ATM channel to their mobile strategies in a quick-to-market and cost effective way.

ATM electronic receipts with targeted coupons, interactive mobile notifications initiated by ATM transactions, and Cardless cash APIs are some of the salient features of the ATM2Mobile Platform. “The key to our product strategy is our open and extensive API Library,” says Bahri. The solution includes web-form builders, web widgets, cross-channel action triggers, lead-generation management, and a framework that allows customers to build quick-to-market solutions for their mobile banking or mobile apps.

TEKchand has also partnered with leading ATM switch partners as the point of interface when direct interaction with the ATM is not possible. With the market climate positive and showing the right signals, banks are looking to enhance their ATM user experience and drive revenue by adopting dynamic technological trends and TEKchand, no doubt, is poised at the vanguard embracing the move.


Chicago, IL

Rajeev Bahri, Partner & Managing Director

Delivers a single, integrated platform for ATM operations, marketing, and UX

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