Automated Financial Systems, Inc.: Revolutionizing Real-Time by Transforming Commercial Banking

John Shain, President
When Automated Financial Systems, Inc. (AFS®) began operations in 1970, the banking industry was predominately localized. In the pre-digital and mobile world, most banks failed to have a nationwide presence. However, the technological advances over the past few decades has necessitated that banks become more sophisticated and consolidated while offering customers value-based products that address today’s demands. Additionally, major economic crises have led to the formulation of stringent and aggressive compliance mandates. While trying to avoid crisis scenarios, these mandates can, at times, hinder growth. Since its inception, AFS has worked to mitigate these challenges through transformation-driven solutions designed to provide a unified, technologically advanced banking experience. AFS solutions provide clients with a singular, holistic view of their commercial lending portfolios, enabling them to maintain a steady growth, meet shareholder demands and adhere to regulatory mandates.

AFS has revolutionized the industry with AFSVision, an integrated, end-to-end lending system for all commercial lines of business. Delivered through the premier AFS hosted private cloud, or licensed as a bank-hosted solution, AFSVision’s straight-through processing, fully digital capabilities provide end-to-end, real-time management of any size lending portfolio—from origination to servicing and reporting. With AFSVision, AFS has realized its mission to provide a globally available, unified banking experience, empowering financial institutions with 24/7 digital, mobile, real-time access to its database through an easily accessible user interface and allowing them to deliver the ultimate customer experience. Since its introduction, the industry continues to see the incredible advantages of AFSVision and the AFS hosted private cloud. “Presently, we have one of the largest cloud platforms for Commercial banking; we process almost 600,000 loans in a day,” says John Shain, President of AFS.

With a legacy that spans more than 45 years and a dynamic team of knowledgeable and experienced financial and technology professionals, AFS is a leader in the industry. More than a decade ago, AFS recognized a monumental shift in the way consumers expected to do business, and invested in solving for those expectations.

Presently, we have one of the largest cloud platforms for Commercial banking institutions; we process almost 600,000 loans in a day

Customers now demand real-time, anywhere, anytime service and, as banks began to recognize the need for a digital and mobile strategy to remain competitive, AFS was ready to become a strategic partner in their transformation. Banks now recognize the need for consolidation of systems and the ability to be able to respond with the immediacy expected. In a recent project, AFS consolidated 14 discrete systems and processes into one integrated platform for a Top-20 U.S. bank with business worldwide. An ambitious project, AFS was on time and on budget because AFS executive and project leaders were involved in all stages of the integration, providing the necessary guidance and expertise to simplify the process from design and process planning through delivery. This serves as a strong example of the excellent service AFS is committed to providing. AFSVision has already had a positive impact on the entire client bank’s processes—from commercial lending to regulatory reporting and more— resulting in the Bank’s ability to manage with one version of the truth.

AFS is at the vanguard of hosted private cloud innovations in the industry, and leverages the same technology to enhance the customer experience. The firm continues to look for new ways to revolutionize the industry and bring innovation to the marketplace by adopting the latest technology trends such as AI, blockchain, and others as a part of their roadmap. “We have seen numerous changes as well as disruptions in the banking ecosystem in our more than 45 years of existence. By our experience, we have observed that the key to a successful banking organization is its ability to evolve and change its services according to the demands of the market and consumers. AFS strongly believes in this philosophy, and we owe our success to it,” Shain concludes.

Automated Financial Systems, Inc.

Exton, PA

John Shain, President

Provider of hosted private cloud-based Commercial lending and risk management solutions for financial institutions

Automated Financial Systems, Inc.