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Saurabh Kumar, Co-Founder & CEO
‘How to increase digital footprint to engage more customers and impact their banking decisions?’ is a prime challenge for which banking CIOs in the digital economy seek a forthright answer. “From a banking perspective, today’s customer wants to use a solution that is as simple and innovative as possible to solve their problems both on the personal and professional front,” explains Vishal Barapatre, co-founder and CTO of In2IT Technologies. In2IT Technologies has perfected the art of creating exceptional customer experiences and accelerating operational excellence. To this end, the company’s AI-based IT services, robotic process automation (RPA) framework, project management, technology infrastructure and application development services, and intellectual properties based on new age technologies are tailored to enhance customer experience.

With a definite emphasis on customer satisfaction, In2IT unveils a repertoire of innovative solutions. For instance, In2IT enables end-users to unlock their banking solutions within a unified platform through biometric authentication instead of a password. This user interface tailored by In2IT has simplified banking transactions with enhanced security levels that surpass conventional password protection. In2IT has also introduced a solution for banks that enables the account holder to provide a known person with a code that has pre-approval transaction authorization to withdraw money without a credit or debit card from an ATM.

Given the need for KYC as per the bank regulations, customers have to provide various documents to open bank accounts. The manual verification process of KYC, however, is cumbersome and time-consuming, which creates a long waiting period for the customers. With In2IT’s AI and RPA solution, the verification timing is brought down to few hours without any human intervention. Moreover, to bring forth added security and transparency, In2IT utilizes blockchain to upload documents automatically into the database. Following that, the AI technology provides a detailed insight of the documents after cross-checking and identifying changes and discrepancies in documents, verifying existing documents in the database and reasons for previous rejections, if any. Having brought agility to the operational workflow, In2IT has effectively increased the acceptance level of new products by the customers.

We understand the customer’s pain and translate that into a workable solution, which either impacts the customer’s business directly or improves operational efficiency and the user experience

The company has also introduced Cloud Canvas for internal and external cloud requirements of a banking customer by enabling them to expand their services on an external cloud platform such as Azure and AWS or internal cloud infrastructure. In2IT also has a cognitive automation tooling system that can be leveraged by clients to automate workflow and various other tasks. In accordance with the new security regulations, In2IT’s solutions are GDPR, PoPI, and PCI compliant.

Barapatre draws attention to the challenges faced by bank officials with the segmentation of workflow due to the utilization of separate and numerous applications. In2IT has enabled a single access by integrating the various applications of HR, retail, and enterprise into a unified platform followed by the implementation of identity and access governance. To top it all, the In2IT team also provides consultancy services to institutions looking to transform legacy systems or adopt technology-savvy business models.

Following the company’s immense success in Africa, the U.S., and Asia, In2IT has currently ventured into the Canadian market to provide impactful IT solutions. In2IT deep dives into the customer’s small needs; for instance, they have created a utility solution that enables the customers to approach the unified Cisco communication portfolio through their smartphones. This effectively eliminates the security concern and hassle of having to regularly log-out and log-in from desk systems. Barapatre concludes, “We understand the customer’s pain and translate that into a workable solution that either impacts the customer’s business directly or significantly improves operational efficiency and the user experience.”

In2IT Technologies

Toronto, Canada

Saurabh Kumar, Co-Founder & CEO

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