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Giovanni Castellanos, VP, Sales and Marketing
As a front-runner in the banking technology solution industry, Plus Technologies & Innovations, also known as Plus TI, empowers banks across 35 countries, mostly in Latin America, to succeed in today’s competitive era and helps them in adopting the changing banking scenario through a more responsive IT approach. With a complete portfolio of banking solutions, the company helps its customers in real-time monitoring of financial and non-financial operations and also minimizes the risk of fraud and money laundering. “We are very pleased delivering great products to the industry based in our own proven technology which is very successful among the banks and Gartner has mentioned us in several reports,” notes Giovanni Castellanos, VP Sales and Marketing at Plus TI. He adds that the company also aims to move towards other continents, especially central Eastern Europe and Asia-Pacific region because they are good markets in terms of expansion.

Explaining how Plus TI garnered popularity in less time, Castellanos mentions about the company’s flagship product Monitor Plus, which helps customers simplify large volumes of payment processing, maximize operational efficiency and mitigate risks while complying with the regulations required by the banking systems around the world. The Monitor Plus product consists of different platforms that include Digital Banking Fraud, Payment & Card Fraud, Internal Fraud, and Application Fraud, Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance, Money Laundering Prevention, Customer Centric Banking, and Trade Finance and FX. Monitor Plus Fraud Prevention and Control platform enables its users to manage and prevent fraud throughout the cycle of each operation in real time, while Monitor Plus Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance allows banks to detect and manage the most critical risks that could affect the organization. “Our solutions are highly praised by our customers due to the integration of technologies such as Machine Learning and expert based intelligence,” says Castellanos.
The company’s Monitor Plus Anti-Money Laundering (AML) platform is highly popular among the banking institutions. The reason behind this is it takes the management of money laundering to another level by allowing users to analyze their clients with a wider vision, combining risk from several perspectives. Also, it maintains a real-time multi-channel management that allows the financial institutions to abide by their local regulations and international frames of reference with one solution. “In terms of AML, our model is robust because we are not just in the transactional space, but also handle risk and case management,” asserts Castellanos, who went on to say that the idea, is to manage the entire cycle for the AML officers. This is the reason that makes AML far most popular in Latin America.

We are very pleased delivering great products to the industry based in our own proven technology

Not only the products and solutions for secure financial operations, Plus TI also offers certified training to its clients so that they can do any data framing that is required in their work environment. The company’s certification program provides customers a complete and detailed knowledge that help them in learning the models while enabling them to improve them.

With a proven track record of delivering significant products and solutions to its clients, Plus TI aims to continue to improve the consumer experience, personalize and streamline payment processing, and more efficiently manage risks and fraud. Offering insights into the company’s future, Castellanos says that the future is exciting because many things are happening in the software industry. “We are very excited to include software as a service offering in our portfolio, while embracing the current trend. We are also launching our newest product version Monitor Plus 5.0,” he concludes.

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Giovanni Castellanos, VP, Sales and Marketing

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