HOMEE: InsurTech Streamlining the Property Claims Process

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Dave Theus, Co-founder and CTO and Doug Schaedler, Co-founder and CEO
Historically, the property insurance claims process has been laborious, time-consuming, and stressful for both insurance policyholders and carriers. In the past, this multi-party interaction created transparency issues and led to poor experiences for policyholders who had trouble returning their home to its original condition. Doug Schaedler, co-founder and CEO of HOMEE, recognized this issue and, leveraging a 20+ year software background with Dave Theus, co-founder and CTO, has created a leading SaaS platform for connecting insurance companies, customers, and skilled contractors. Schaedler remarks on the effectiveness of HOMEE to serve the insurance sector: “Our software and national contractor network enables broad coverage to service policyholders in many perils across the country. We currently have in excess of 18,000 highly vetted and well-qualified technicians registered on our software platform in all 50 states. The quality of our network is critical to our success, and out of twenty service pros we meet, only one ever gets through our vetting process to take a job for a carrier.”

Utilizing HOMEE, insurers have seen an increase in NPS scores and a significant reduction in the time required to close a claim. Schaedler attributes these achievements to the efficiency of the software and the highly vetted and qualified service experts. In addition, HOMEE has enabled all stakeholders to use the software as a mobile app when needed, which has significantly increased the transparency between the carriers and policyholders.

To make the claims process efficient, HOMEE dispatches pros in the needed perils through their advanced software platform which they are now in the process of integrating with many of the carriers’ back-end systems. Besides supporting the communication process, HOMEE also eases insurance payment activities through its fully automated and user-friendly payment infrastructure. Through this solution, HOMEE benefits its clients in the insurance industry by facilitating split payments and deducible claim payments from the remainder of the claim. It also provides a choice for the policyholders to sign a waiver, so the HOMEE technicians can immediately begin working on the project, and the carrier has peace of mind knowing that the claim has been completed by HOMEE.

Our software and national contractor network enables broad coverage to service policyholders in many perils across the country

On the other end, the policyholders get access to videos, notes, and photos uploaded into the HOMEE software directly from the mobile devices of the service pros and carriers. By uploading mobile data, HOMEE provides enhanced record-keeping and tracking solutions and pushes the data and information into the carriers’ back-end system.

To demonstrate the platform’s ability to create efficiencies, Schaedler recounts a success story when a Florida hurricane raised the activity on the platform. The HOMEE network actually became more efficient, and the company saw the response times decrease even further than their traditional one-hour time frame. By maintaining the industry’s only true on-demand servicing network for active leaks and other urgent perils, carriers benefit from a rapid response time, where on average the HOMEE technicians will accept a request in under one minute and often reach a job site within one hour to service an urgent claim.

Schaedler considers the combination of the software and the large, highly vetted service professionals assembled throughout the country to be a key differentiating feature for the company. With the efficiencies HOMEE is creating in the sector, it is no surprise that industry leaders such as Liberty Mutual, State Farm, The Hartford as well as Ferguson Enterprises are all investors in the company. With such broad industry support, innovation and thought leadership, HOMEE continues to revolutionize the way the insurance industry services its customers.


Tampa, FL

Dave Theus, Co-founder and CTO and Doug Schaedler, Co-founder and CEO

HOMEE integrates a standardized software platform and highly vetted technicians to provide best-in-class solutions to the insurance sector